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The Importance of Robotics Education

The coming decade will be defined by the largest workforce transition in the history of mankind. Millions of jobs will be lost to technology, while millions of new jobs will be created. Perhaps more importantly, the vast majority of remaining jobs will be transformed and applicants with robotics literacy and strong tech skills will have a significant advantage when applying for jobs across virtually all industries.

When considering the impact that robotics and artificial intelligence will have on society, we can draw a strong parallel between the robotics industry and the computer industry in the 1980's.

Back in the 80's, programming was significantly more difficult than today, there weren't many programmers, and the industry existed as a highly specialized silo. Programmers would create applications for specific industries and purposes (such as banking, health care or accounting), and everyone was impressed with the improved productivity, reliability and workflow.

Looking back, we all would have said, "we'll need more programmers in the future". And while that statement would have proven to be true, what would have been missed was the much larger implication - that everyone would need computer literacy.

The same is true of the robotics industry today. When we consider the increased productivity, reliability and benefits of robotics, we would likely all agree that "we'll need more roboticists in the future", but in reality the impact will be much more profound and far reaching.

It took the computer industry 30 years to go from being a silo industry to the point where computer literacy is a required skill for a significant number of jobs. The robotics industry will make that same journey in less than 10 years, because we don't have need to shrink a mainframe from the size of a building down to fitting within your pocket. The hard work has been done, and robotics and artificial intelligence will begin to impact the workforce at an increasingly rapid rate.